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Solutions that help maintain a 1,5m distance

Almost everyone has come across examples of creative solutions in shops that are intended to help people keep a sufficient distance from each other.


  • lines on the floor in line at the cash register
  • squares on the floor
  • crates in front of a counter
  • crosses / circles on the floor

We are collecting examples of these solutions and hope to gain insight into:

  • Which solutions are applied
  • The effectiveness of these solutions

Submit your pictures

Do you see a social distancing solution somewhere? Take a picture and send it to us.

Please include the location, date and time, and whether it seemed to work.

If possible take a picture that shows where people are standing. For example, by including their legs in the picture.

Do not put people in the photo in a recognizable way (we cannot include them in our research and have to remove them from our database).

You can submit your pictures at:
WhatsApp +31686803858

Include in your message:
~Time and date
~Did it work?

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